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15 Weeks


This was the final project of my undergraduate degree and it was completely self-directed. I decided I wanted it to be related to skateboarding, a hobby that I picked up last year during the pandemic.

The objectives of the project were to make skateboarding accessible and open to everyone, to support beginner skateboarders in their journeys and to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment at skateparks.

The project addresses key pain points that beginners face such as skatepark anxiety, not knowing where to start and the frustration they face learning a new skill. It also aims to address some of the misconceptions that people have about skateboarding by emphasising inclusivity and community in the core messaging.

The major component of the project is the app which provides technical guides and feedback, but more importantly it helps connect beginners to other skaters in the community. The minor components of the project are the microsite and the social media campaign which break down the values of the brand and challenge misconceptions about skateboarding.

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